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Anonymous asked:
>.> You got a great butt, lady.

Ronnie is that you?!

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My first pay check isn’t going to be held. I get paid on the 7th

Though with training I’m only going to have 30 hours on it instead of 80 because training isn’t full time.

But Imma be 100$ short on rent

Because I need that for the bus for work and such. Imma tell my room mate that I wanna go back to paying rent on the 15th though

I get my medical in 60 days

So Imma see a psychiatrist

Dude I can call in if I’m having a bad mental health day! And it’s paid! It’s seen just as bad as having the flu

I also get 6 free sessions a year with a
company psychiatrist if I have to.

I love this job so far

spazguy asked:
You must be lucky. I always thought anon was a jerk. :P

They are half the time

It’s really annoying being made fun of for having an iPhone constantly
I really don’t give a shit about the android v iphone nonsense

At all

But being teased for having my phones annoying

Every time something gets brought up with iPhone or android I get made fun of

I’m sick of this shit

Teasing is a major trigger for me I was bullied all through school

I’m not going to get an android just because they think I should

I actually use to have an android I didn’t hate it. The only reason I got my first iPhone because it was free

I like my phone it’s easy for me to navigate and simple



I think this would be my “look” if I were illustrated.

So pretty


Anon lemme have your babies


The people in the “Republicans are people too” ads are actually stock photos.

Republicans are black. Republicans have tattoos. Republicans drive Priuses. 

This is the message of the recent “Republicans are people too” ad campaign: Republicans are not just the angry old white guys you see on TV. The ad shows various examples of supposedly non-stereotypical Republicans doing thing like recycling and “having tattoos and beards.” One problem: All of those examples turned out to be people from stock photos.


dead ass on the floor dying right now

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Venus Power, Make Up! | 1992 // 2014

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